Your performance always in sight

Pulse Oximeter
Reliably measures blood oxygen saturation & heart rate

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For a natural glow

Selfie Mirror
For a perfectly illuminated face

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Relax with a massage

Shiatsu Massage Cushion
Beneficial for shoulders, back, legs and neck

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Our product categories

PM-30E (3)

Vital signs always in sight

MC-25E (5)

For more well-being

cm 70 e 750×750

For relaxation at home

ecomed – make healthiness your new lifestyle!

With its clean & easy designed devices ecomed covers a wide range of daily applications – supporting self-caring individuals in their pursuit of a more self aware, sustainable, affordable, smart and healthy lifestyle.

From massage to thermal applications, from beauty to health control: ecomed means performance without a hassle.

Each product is an easy, reliable and modest companion on your personal path towards a better quality of life.