1. Article 1 Applicabllity

  • These general terms and conditions are applicable to and form part of all purchase and sales contracts between MEDISANA® Benelux NV, hereinafter referred to as MEDISANA®, and buyer and further apply to all oifers and wnfirmations of order relating to these wntracts. Only the most recent version of these terms and conditions relate to future or follow-up agreements. All offers of MEDISANA® are without obligation and are valid for a period of one month, unless determined othewise by MEDISANA® in the offer. Contracts are wncluded only following the written wnformation from MEDISANA®.
  • By entering into the purchase contract, the buyer renounces any of his own (purchase) wnditions, regardless of name and format and in such a way that only these terms and conditions apply to all wntracts,  including the conclusion and execution thereof.
  • All (legal) actions and practices carried out by an official or employee of the buyer within the framework of the contract entered into by us with the buyer are deemed to be authorised on behalf of the buyer and are  binding. On the subject of these actions or practices, the buyer is unable to claim that no authorisation is in place that represents or binds the buyer.


2. Article 2 Prices

  • All prices are stated in Euros and are exclusive of VAT, packaging, transport costs and any insurance costs, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in the purchase contract.
  • The prices used by MEDISANA® are based on equipment-wage freight rates and currency ratios applicable on the date the offer is made. MEDISANA® reserves the right to pass on any price increases occurred after the offer is made to the buyer.


3. Article 3 Delivery

  • If it has been explicitly agreed that the delivery is carriage paid, the goods shall be transported at the expense and risk of MEDISANA®. In all other cases, the goods are transported from a location indicated by MEDISANA® to the place of destination at the expense and risk of the buyer.
  • The buyer must infom MEDISANA® of the correct delivery address and all necessary instructions applicable to the delivery at the time the order is placed. The buyer is obliged to make preparations to ensure that the goods can be delivered or unloaded at the stated delivery address, between 08.00am - 05.00pm
  • The buyer is obliged to accept the goods the moment they are delivered by MEDISANA®, or the moment they are made available to him. If the buyer refuses to accept the goods, MEDISANA® reserves the right to store the goods at the expense and the risk of the buyer.
  • If the buyer fails to enable MEDISANA® or its transport provider to deliver or unload directly upon arrival, and MEDISANA® or its transport provider are confronted with waiting times or other delays as a result of incorrect and/or insufficient instructions, MEDISANA® reserves the right to charge the buyer the costs and/or damage incurred and the buyer is obliged to settle the costs and/or damage.
  • Stated delivery terms are always indicative and not a final deadline.